cover image: SWP-WebMonitor Nordamerika - Nr. 04/2024, 28.02.2024 – 21.03.2024 USA Defense


SWP-WebMonitor Nordamerika - Nr. 04/2024, 28.02.2024 – 21.03.2024 USA Defense

21 Mar 2024

defense strategy in the Middle East before and after the war in Gaza and the conflict’s impact on U. [...] Report | CSBA More of the Same? The Future of the Russian Military And Its Ability to Change Katherine Kjellström Elgin March 18, 2024 92 S. [...] by Frank Fannon March 14, 2024 Article | The Spectator Resisting the Escalation in Ukraine It is imperative that the United States, in particular, approaches the situation with pragmatism and foresight By Adriel Kasonta and Doug Bandow March 12, 2024 Report Russia and. [...] It takes stock of the state of the North American trade relationship and looks at how the three parties to the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), including business and civil society, can further le- verage USMCA to strengthen economic relations in the lead-up to the joint review in 2026. [...] The paper dis- cusses current efforts to manage longstanding pre-IRA disputes, the Trade and Technology Council, the US Chips and Science Act and the EU's response, looming issues such as CBAM and critical mine- rals, and how politics in both the US and Europe may affect the handling of these issues.


Schumann, Katrin

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SWP Web Monitor North America - No. 04/2024, 28.02.2024 — 21.03.2024 USA Defense [from PDF fonts]