cover image: Modern Awards Review 2023-24 (AM2023/21) Submission cover sheet Name Organisation


Modern Awards Review 2023-24 (AM2023/21) Submission cover sheet Name Organisation

12 Mar 2024

The ANMF submits that the proposed variations to the Nurses Award will help achieve the amended modern award objectives.1 In implementing reform to the Nurses Award, a holistic approach must be taken that accounts for the intersecting nature of the clauses, with one another and the amended modern award objectives. [...] x.2.1 At the time of engagement, the employee and the employer will agree in writing upon the hours to be worked by the employee and the rostering arrangements which will apply to those hours. [...] The ANMF propose that clause 10.2 of the Nurses Award is varied to remove the current clause 10.2 and insert the following: 10.2 Before commencing employment, the employer and employee will agree in writing on a regular pattern of work including the: (a) number of hours to be worked each week; (b) days of the week the employee will work; and (c) starting and finishing times each day. [...] The ANMF draws attention to the considerations of the Full Bench in the above matter, particularly as it highlights the disutility of recall to work remotely and the resulting disruption to family and personal life. [...] The ANMF submits that the definition of shiftworker for the purposes of the additional week’s annual leave should be consistent with the definition provided in the definitions section of the Nurses Award.
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