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Never Again English as PDF. P65

13 Mar 2024

The Commission observed that “‘Might makes right’ has been the dominant philosophy of the [country’s] leaders, ‘Keep yourself out of trouble’ has been that of those who were in a position to make a difference to the victims of the atrocities.” The Commission found that civil society and social institutions such as the media, Labour, the Chieftaincy institution, religious groups, the students movem. [...] victims of the 1969 Yendi Massacre, the families of the 3 murdered judges and retired military officer; • The honouring and rehabilitation of members of the Police Investigation Team who efficiently investigated the killing of the 3 judges and retired military officer (and who accordingly suffered official intimidation and harassment); • Monuments and commemorative events in honour of victims; • S. [...] 12 • The Police Service The Report of the Justice Archer Commission on the structure, organization and operation of the Ghana Police Service must be reviewed and the recommendations implemented. [...] The Media The Commission observed that during the mandate period, various means were employed by the State to coerce, co-opt, and secure the compliance of journalists or to use the media in intimidating critics of the government. [...] The actions of the media in this wise include: the vilification of constitutional governments; the validation of the human rights violations and abuses of repressive 14 regimes; the overbearing criticism of minor infractions by constitutional governments etc.



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