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Gender justice - Our work 1

8 Mar 2024

excellence on gender-integrated programming Working with about 3,000 women in the Bogra, Identify and address gender inequality in all our Patuakhali and Cumilla areas, the project (May 2020 work and shift power to the most marginalised - December 2022) created a holistic framework of and excluded women, men and other at-risk activities to address the underlying causes and drivers communities faci. [...] With our partners Gender Awareness Trust and In much of northern Nigeria, the voices of women and Development and Peace Initiative, we worked with girls are not heard when issues affecting them are Christian and Muslim leaders, scholars and teachers to discussed, and their capacity to provide solutions is not develop a faith‑based toolkit in local languages to be used recognised. [...] Colombia’s path from transitional justice towards We enhanced our understanding of the political, socio‑ sustainable peace by increasing the influence of women economic and contextual factors that influence and impede and LGBTQI people in policymaking and development, positive outcomes for women and girls, to establish the challenging discrimination and demanding the root causes behind these chall. [...] Empowering women and girls for gender equality To address the disproportionate impact violence and and advancement discrimination has had on Afro and indigenous women and In South Omo, Ethiopia, women and girls’ vulnerability LGBTQI communities in rural Colombia, the US$1.1m project to gender‑based violence is high due to socio‑cultural used memory as a strategic tool to make their experiences nor. [...] Christian Aid’s EU-backed project works with 48,900 The project – which ran in 2021-22 – equipped women and women and girls to reduce violence, increase access to LGBTQI people with tools and capacity to engage local swift legal services and rehabilitation, participation in authorities and promote their visions of peace and co‑ decision‑making and property rights.
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