cover image: The First Ten Years - Local authority stop smoking services and wider tobacco


The First Ten Years - Local authority stop smoking services and wider tobacco

29 Feb 2024

This history includes the diversification of stop smoking services, the impact of cuts to the national public health grant, the sudden challenge of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the emergence of the NHS Plan and new tobacco dependence services in the NHS. [...] Demand was reported to have increased because of: • the introduction of targeted lung health checks (TLHC) and tobacco dependence treatment services (TDTS) in the NHS • changes to the community stop smoking service itself including new providers, the expansion of eligibility criteria, and the introduction of e-cigarettes as part of the offer to smokers • marketing of the community stop smoking ser. [...] Respondents were concerned about the potential increase in referrals, the inadequacy of patient pathways and referral protocols, and the impact of the anticipated loss of the ring fence on the sustainability of tobacco dependence treatment services. [...] The principal benefit reported in 2015 was the opportunity for new relationships and partnerships: 86% of respondents identified constructive relationships with officers in other departments as a benefit, and 60% saw a benefit in the integration of tobacco control in the wider strategy and business of the council. [...] Shortly after the closure of the survey in 2015, the government announced in-year cuts to the public health grant (in contrast, shortly after the closure of the survey in 2023, the government announced a substantial increase in the funding for tobacco control and stop smoking services).


Andrew Knowles

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