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M A R C H 2 0 2 4 T

25 Mar 2024

In addition to the Syrian National of the PYD in the region and the role of the US Army, the Turkish military is present in the region, policy. [...] The cooperation of Bedouin tribes under the control of the PYD with ISIS emphasizes the influence of the PYD and the role of the US policy. [...] Therefore, Karlov, the purchase of the S-400 air and missile Türkiye is becoming an important partner for the defense system, and the removal of Türkiye from US against Iran due to the regional competition the F-35 program show the dynamic nature of factor and as the closest NATO member to Russia relations with both the USA and Russia. [...] This ancient past established and religious relations with the Kanem–Bornu with the continent entered a period of stagnation Empire in Nigeria are proof that not only the after the establishment of the Republic of northern part of the continent but the entire Türkiye. [...] 24 In the context of internal factors, the founding As a critical development in this period, the "New administration of the Republic in this period Foreign Policy Goal" was declared in the Official followed an inward-looking policy aimed at Gazette of the Republic of Türkiye No.11600 maintaining the status quo and the nation-state.


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