cover image: Defining Civilization Down - Ayaan Hirsi Ali D


Defining Civilization Down - Ayaan Hirsi Ali D

21 Mar 2024

The West failed the first time to protect the Jews of Europe, and the Holocaust was the result. [...] At that point, the name of the war was changed to the Israel–Palestinian conflict, and the territories Israel had acquired in defending itself against aggression were declared to be “occupied” and therefore illegitimate. [...] The pattern of Palestinian misconduct that we have allowed ourselves to get accustomed to and even become desensitized to can be seen in the series of events beginning in 1947 when the Palestinians sabotaged the U. [...] We must not frustrate or sabotage Israel’s effort to achieve the full destruction of Hamas and to embark on the long and hard journey of the de-Hamasification of the hearts and minds of the Palestinian people. [...] Help us now to define civilization right for everyone by taking the cour- age to say to Israel: “Where you go I will go,” with the courage of a still vital “creedal nation,” for the sake of the nation that came into existence to pro- tect the Jews from a second Holocaust and in the hope of lasting peace and brotherhood with the Arab nations.
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