cover image: An evaluation of patient-initiated follow-up (PIFU) outpatient services in the English


An evaluation of patient-initiated follow-up (PIFU) outpatient services in the English

24 Jan 2024

5 Evaluation questions Implementation Measuring impact Health inequalities • How is PIFU being • What are the relevant outcomes • What strategies have been implemented? for evaluating the impact of adopted to address potential • What components and PIFU services? inequalities along the PIFU processes does it involve? • To what extent can we measure pathway? the different impacts of these • What da. [...] Local evaluation of inequalities due to PIFU • Local evaluation of outcomes and inequalities is difficult in many trusts due to the problems of reporting PIFU activity on the local electronic patient administration system. [...] “Make sure that all parts of the system affected are represented in the discussions… You know, active engagement and constructive discussions and making sure that the discharge summaries come back to primary care and the patient on time.” GP 56 What are the perceived risks of PIFU? • Patients on PIFU not being seen when needed, due to failures of the service (e.g. [...] Evaluation guide An outline of a guide to help NHS trusts evaluate their implementations of PIFU in the longer term 65 Overview of the evaluation guide Aims To support PIFU service leads to conduct an evaluation at a specialty level Audience PIFU service leads and the 6-10 people they recruit to help them plan and deliver the evaluation (e.g., data analytics, clinicians, IT) What it covers • Stake. [...] The implementation of PIFU Key findings – implementation of PIFU The use of PIFU has increased over time Variation in rate of PIFU transfers by specialty and trust: Top 10 specialties by PIFU volume: Oct 2022 to Mar.


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