cover image: The Minderoo-Monaco Commission on - Plastics and Human Health Summary


The Minderoo-Monaco Commission on - Plastics and Human Health Summary

8 Mar 2024

The goal of the Minderoo-Monaco Commission on Plastics and Human Health is to comprehensively examine and make visible the full range of plastics’ harms to human health and the earth’s environment across the entire plastic life cycle. [...] The impacts of large plastics, including plastic bags, bottles, and fishing gear, entangling and entering the digestive tracts of fish, birds, turtles and marine mammals - are visible, obvious, and disturbing. [...] Workers who extract coal, oil and gas feedstocks for plastic production, plastic production workers, plastic textile workers and plastic recycling workers suffer increased rates of cardiovascular, pulmonary, metabolic and neurologic diseases, and cancer. [...] The great power of a production cap is that it will reduce the volume of plastics and plastic waste at its root source and slow the global build-out of plastic production. [...] The Treaty needs to extend beyond microplastics and marine litter to include all of the many thousands of chemicals incorporated into plastics The Treaty needs to mandate health-protective standards for plastics and plastic additives, including: reductions in the chemical complexity of plastics, full disclosure and transparency of the chemical composition of plastics and plastic products, traceabi.


Sarah Dunlop

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