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Access to Health Services

18 Mar 2024

AMO is ready to work with the Ministry of Health to improve the health of our communities. [...] It is necessary to fund public health appropriately, especially as public health units are adapting to the challenges of resuming services after the pandemic and undergoing the voluntary mergers process. [...] Ontario Health Teams (OHTs) Municipal governments contribute $2.23 billion to health services in addition to significant contributions to the social determinants of health through other municipal services. [...] Municipal governments and the District Social Service Administration Boards (DSSABs) are on the front lines and are often the first point of contact for people presenting with mental health conditions and addictions. [...] In addition to the investments in Youth Wellness Hubs and the Structured Psychotherapy Program, AMO continues to call for more investment in community-based mental health and 2 addictions services including supportive housing, along with the development and implementation of an integrated and comprehensive provincial-municipal response to mental health and addictions.


Patrick Jerrett

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