cover image: BBC MA Afghanistan Media Survey 2023 210224 AMWG version (3) - Copy - Copy


BBC MA Afghanistan Media Survey 2023 210224 AMWG version (3) - Copy - Copy

4 Mar 2024

• Afghans’ trust in media under the Taliban is mainly • Despite widespread sharing of false and articulated through how they perceive the media misleading information in traditional and social to be autonomous from the Taliban, and capable media in Afghanistan of disseminating impartial and uncensored. [...] to not being able to access information on how the • The positive attitudes towards media in country is being run or fear of covering issues that Afghanistan highlights the fact that Afghan are not allowed by the Taliban, while international audiences acknowledge the limitations media face media do not have a presence on the ground to under the Taliban and are still happy that media verify a news. [...] However, women with adult (15+) men and women from across the are barred from working in the state media and the country, Afghan media practitioners working in and Voice of Sharia is back on air (though now being outside of the country, and media experts. [...] In addition to its impact on audiences, it has also impacted the media’s ability to get advertisements and generate income” A survey of media consumption in Afghanistan 19 work provinces have spoken about the limitations they in the media While media outlets operating in the provinces face far more restrictions, media outlets in Kabul are able to still employ women and have women’s in their progra. [...] A survey of media consumption in Afghanistan 29 CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS While there are still many sources of information and Mis- dis information news available to Afghan audiences, the range of voices being heard, and the subjects being covered Mis-, dis- and ation are rife in ha decreased since the fall of Kabul and the Afghanistan, an levels of return of the Taliban.



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