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Insecurity and Economies of Care - Aida A. Hozić Introduction

29 Mar 2024

To speak trying to engage the nurses in conversation, attempting of security of the Western Balkans is therefore a to extract at least some news about the status of their contradiction in terms: The region’s real or perceived loved ones The nurses rebuffed dialogue, sometimes insecurity is the very reason for its continued rejection rudely The crowd would then disperse, holding tightly and margina. [...] They do not figure in the peace of child-rearing and existential worries, of laughter and agreements, infrastructure deals, resource politics, gossip, of home and distant caring And while there are and military procurement that preoccupy stakeholders many feminisms, and now even many feminist foreign at home and in the big metropolitan centers, where policies, most feminist scholars of internation. [...] For women who survived the conflicts months at a time without work permits or registration of the 1990s, the unfinished business of justice and And departures are putting upward pressures on war crimes, continued genocide denial, and political pay for care within the Western Balkans, especially bullying are daily reenactments of the war trauma in the informal sector, which mostly caters to the Phy. [...] into the formal labor force Where to, Western Balkans? These disadvantages are even more apparent among women in rural areas and women from minority The focus on the economies of care and on the groups that face high amounts of discrimination, perverse gendered effects of their neglect in such as the Roma While many act as pillars of post-conflict contexts is an important corrective to their famil. [...] Hozić is an associate professor of international relations at the University of Florida, Gainesville Her research is situated at the intersections of feminist political economy, cultural studies, and international security She is the author of “Hollyworld: Space, Power and Fantasy in the American Economy” (Cornell University Press, 2002) and co-editor (with Jacqui True) of “Scandalous Economics: G.
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