cover image: The Western Balkans 2024: - Assessment of the Current Security Posture and Geopolitical Challenges


The Western Balkans 2024: - Assessment of the Current Security Posture and Geopolitical Challenges

29 Mar 2024

S., and NATO in the Western the EU – responds to growing tensions and security Balkans Russia aims to impede the integration of the challenges in Kosovo matters for the stability of the region into the EU and NATO and to divert attention entire Western Balkans from Ukraine by creating new conflicts. [...] he noted the complaints of the citizens about lack of These drivers, equipped with gear usually reserved transparency in the government’s decision and their for law enforcement, have been linked to Radojičić, concerns about the lawfulness and implementation of the suspected mastermind of the Banjska attack and legal procedures primary suspect in the 2018 killing of Kosovo Serb The situation remain. [...] Inflation and economic NATO aspirations hardship were felt extensively and challenged the government’s ability to answer the needs of individuals Greek objections to the name were part of a much and groups The country’s rampant corruption is often longer and complicated Balkan history of nationalist the topic of US State Department press releases romanticism and the ghosts of ethnic cleansing In a. [...] The full-scale citizens of the “danger of a Macedonian scenario” At Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022 triggered a fierce division within North Macedonia along several lines the most volatile moment of the crisis, when a mob of On one hand, the political elites strongly supported insurrectionists stormed the Parliament, a member of Ukraine, while a large portion of the voting body found the Serbi. [...] In addition, Ejdus is the president of the Central and Eastern European International Studies Association, a board member of the Belgrade Centre for Security Policy, and the co-chair of the Regional Stability in South East Europe Study Group at the PfP Consortium of Defence Academies and Security Studies Institutes In November 2023, he was one of the initiators of ProGlas, a pro-democracy group.
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