CEB Report of the Governor 2023


CEB Report of the Governor 2023

9 Apr 2024

CEB Report of the Governor 2023 Report of the Governor 2023 CEB | Report of the Governor 2023 | a Cover photo: A resident from a displaced population settles into her new home in the Western Balkans, courtesy of the Regional Housing Programme ©RHP/CEB Report of the Governor 2023 About the CEB The Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB) is a multilateral development bank with an exclusively social. [...] The 2023 funding programme fulfilled three main objectives: l to cover the requirements of the Bank’s lending activity; l to enable the Bank to honour its debt maturities; and l to allow the Bank to maintain liquidity at the level set by the Administrative Council. [...] It is composed of three members chairperson and the chairperson of the Administrative appointed by the Governing Board, and a special advisor: Council, and appoints the Governor, Vice-Governors, Lucia Kašiarová, Slovak Republic; and the members of the Auditing Board. [...] Administrative Council The Administrative Council exercises the powers The CEB’s governing, administrative and control organs delegated to it by the Governing Board, including are supported by the Secretariat of the Partial Agreement establishing and supervising operational policies on the Council of Europe Development Bank. [...] Burić addressed the opening session, highlighting that the grants provided by the Bank to refugees from Greece’s Minister of Development and Investment Ukraine and the strategic framework will facilitate the at the time, Eleni Louri-Dendrinou, in opening the reconstruction and rehabilitation of Ukraine’s socio- Joint Meeting, reaffirmed Greece’s steadfast support economic sectors, in line with Cou.
ceb report of the governor 2023


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