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3 Apr 2024

ERC Advanced Grants 2023 List of Principal Investigators – SH domain Host institution refers to institution at time of application Host Institution local Host Last name First name Host Institution Name Acronym Title Panel name Country Paris-Lodron-Universität DUER Andreas University of Salzburg AT GEOTRADE The Geopoliticization of Trade Policy SH2 Salzburg From the paradox of individuality to the. [...] ERISMANN Christophe Universität Wien University of Vienna AT This_one_there Individuals and descriptions in SH5 Byzantine thought (4th-12th centuries) Verein zur Förderung wissenschaftlicher Complexity Science Hub GALESIC Mirta AT CollAdapt Collective Adaptation SH3 Forschung im Bereich Vienna komplexer Systeme Tracking the dispersal of Homo HIGHAM Tom Universität Wien University of Vienna AT Disp. [...] A Long-term Perspective from the Mariana Islands Centre for Monetary and City buzz: Quantity, quality, and Centro de Estudios PUGA Diego Financial Studies ES CITYBUZZ variety implications of the urban SH1 Monetarios Y Financieros (CEMFI) environment The positive, the negative, the good Valence STOJANOVIC Isidora Universitat Pompeu Fabra Pompeu Fabra University ES and the bad in language, mind and. [...] Towards an Universiteit van WEENINK Don University of Amsterdam NL TURNING VIOLENT Explanatory Theory of how Conflicts SH3 Amsterdam in Urban Public Space Begin, Transform and End The Division of Labor in Production MOXNES Andreas Universitetet i Oslo University of Oslo NO DIVISION SH1 Networks Narrative Archetypes for Artificial RETTBERG Jill Walker Universitetet i Bergen University of Bergen NO. [...] BCE300 - CE1500 Addressing the Multi-scalar School of Oriental and School of Oriental and Dimensions of Sectoral Water CULLET Philippe African Studies, University African Studies, UK WATCON SH2 Conflicts Through the Lens of Water of London University of London Security: Lessons from South Asia Reconceptualising climate impacts from the bottom-up: An FORD James University of Leeds University of Lee.
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