cover image: Gaza Needs Humanitarian Assistance Now as Famine Sets In


Gaza Needs Humanitarian Assistance Now as Famine Sets In

11 Apr 2024

In Singapore, the public donated US$1.48 million through the Rahmatan Lil Alamin Foundation to the UN relief and works agency, UNRWA, in the first round of humanitarian aid in November 2023. [...] The Changi Regional Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Coordination Centre acted as a liaison between the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) and NGOs, facilitating the coordination and consolidation of humanitarian supplies to be airlifted to Egypt for onward distribution to the people in Gaza. [...] The conduct of multiple checks before each airdrop to ensure the appropriate use of a two-parachute system (or larger system depending on the load), has been essential to mitigate the risk of deliveries landing in the sea or a populated area. [...] With famine starting to take hold in Gaza, efforts are also underway to activate UN Security Council Resolution 2417, which condemns the starving of civilians as a method of warfare as well as the unlawful denial of humanitarian access to civilian populations. [...] The resolution also raised the possibility of sanctions being adopted against individuals or entities obstructing the delivery or distribution of humanitarian assistance to civilians in need.


Janet Fung

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