2023 Social Inclusion Bond Report - March 2024


2023 Social Inclusion Bond Report - March 2024

27 Mar 2024

Shortly after the devastating earthquakes in February 2023, the CEB approved a EUR 250 million loan to Türkiye to support the recovery and reconstruction of the country’s critical health services and infrastructure. [...] 8 Examples of Loans Granted from the Eligible Social Loan Portfolio Example 1: Helping Montenegro meet the affordable housing challenge Since 2010, the CEB has been supporting the Government of Montenegro with the implementation of the so-called “1,000 Plus” programme to help households with limited affordability to become CEB CEB total # of # of. [...] Example 2: Responding to the needs for increased demand capacity in schools in Stockholm The CEB and City of Stockholm signed a EUR 200m loan in June 2019 to part-finance investments in the CEB City’s education infrastructure through the construction of 38 new pre-school, compulsory and upper CEB total # of Implementation Project cost disbursements (% # of students schools as well as the renovatio. [...] loan schools periodof cost) The main driver for the investments and expansion of the number of pre-schools and schools during the EUR 200m next two decades has been the rapid population increase in Stockholm, due to both increased nativity EUR 200m EUR 409m 62 34,356 2018-2021(49%) and increased influx of population from other parts of Sweden, as well as the inflow of migrants from other countries. [...] 9 Examples of Loans Granted from the Eligible Social Loan Portfolio (Cont’d) Example 3: Supporting entrepreneurs in Bosnia and Herzegovina The CEB and ProCredit Bank Bosnia and Herzegovina signed a EUR 10m loan in April 2020 to promote job creation and preservation by supporting micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in the CEB CEB total Project # of MSMEs # of jobs # of jobs Implementa.
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