cover image: Appendix 2 - FY 2025 Congressional Budget Justification Foreign Operations


Appendix 2 - FY 2025 Congressional Budget Justification Foreign Operations

22 Mar 2024

The Request integrates solutions to these issues across sectors and seeks to prevent and respond to GBV by addressing the root causes of violence, improving protection services for survivors, and supporting legislation and enforcement to sustain provisions that promote gender equality and prevent, mitigate, and address GBV. [...] assistance programs implemented in the region will advance the following goals and objectives: Expand and strengthen alliances and partnerships with countries and institutions to build collective capacity for a more resilient, prosperous, and secure Indo-Pacific To achieve the goal of a free and open Indo-Pacific, U. [...] Prevent, reduce, and defend against the full spectrum of current and emerging security threats Recognizing that security is necessary to enable prosperity, the United States will work with allies and partners to uphold and adhere to international law, deter adversaries, counter regional and transnational threats, and prevent and resolve conflicts. [...] Programs will continue efforts with allies and partners to advance a more stable and inclusive global economy by investing in sustainable infrastructure--in alignment with the Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment (PGI)--clean energy and energy security, and digital connectivity and will support countries in improving their communities’ and cities’ quality of life and business envir. [...] assistance will help the region build the economic and technology systems and infrastructure necessary to grow and prosper, while raising labor and environmental standards, promoting transparency and anti-corruption, and ensuring American firms and workers compete globally.


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