cover image: 2024 - MEGATREND INDEX 4. - How prepared is Hungary for the


2024 - MEGATREND INDEX 4. - How prepared is Hungary for the

9 Apr 2024

it at the bottom of the EU midfield, in The performance of the Netherlands the top one-third of the EU. [...] 05 07 We are the best performer in terms The results of the Digitalization sub- of digitalization, although we are still index confirm that the success of countries only in the middle of the EU: in this depends not only on technological dimension Hungary ranked 15th out of development and access to the internet, 27 Member States, up five places. [...] The overall increase in the number Institute’s policy proposals on the of healthy life years, life expectancy at birth and the transformation of the Hungarian public number of years spent in active employment illustrates health system are available by scanning the improving life expectancy of Europeans, but also the the QR code. [...] RESULTS OF THE HEALTH SUB-INDEX In terms of health data, Sweden is the clear leader in However, the biggest underachiever of the period was not the ranking, maintaining its top position throughout Bulgaria (21st 22nd), but Cyprus (10th 13th) and the the period. [...] METHODOLOGY The methodology of the Megatrend Index is based on the The scores for each sub-index were the (weighted) average standardization of the indicators included on a 100-degree of the indicators, while the overall Megatrend Index scores scale.
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