cover image: 2024-25 NSW Pre-Budget Submission February 2024 Recommendations


2024-25 NSW Pre-Budget Submission February 2024 Recommendations

8 Mar 2024

Housing and homelessness Now is a critical time in the development of homelessness and housing policy in NSW, particularly as work begins in earnest on the next National Housing and Homelessness Agreement and the National Housing and Homelessness Plan. [...] (Minister for Housing and Homelessness) Commit to and fund 10 Youth Foyers to be delivered by 2030 Mission Australia is a member of FoyerInvest, a consortium of service providers, philanthropists, impact investors and young people working collaboratively to grow the reach and impact of Youth Foyers. [...] (Minister for Families and Communities; Minister for Housing and Homelessness) 5 of 9 Confidential Invest to effectively support vulnerable families and children to thrive Mission Australia welcomes the NSW Government’s efforts to fix the underfunded child protection and out-of-home care systems. [...] The campaign’s recommendations are based on the work of the Productivity Commission and subsequent research and are provided below and discussed in further detail in Wesley Mission’s 2023-27 NSW Gambling Reform Platform to Protect our Communities.ix Recommendations • The NSW Government implement in full the recommendations of the ‘Put Pokies in their Place’ campaign which include: o a universal id. [...] (Minister for Families and Communities) Provide long-term grant agreements and better grant extension arrangements Standard contract durations or extension durations of any less than three years are very difficult to manage, with implications for workforce stability and retention, longer-term planning and investment by NFPs, and the ability to achieve outcomes in the provision of services to indiv.


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