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Academic-Policy Engagement: How-To Guides Policy Outputs - How-To Guide

26 Mar 2024

Contributing to the development of policy, or a change in policy: Research evidence is used to better understand the nature of a policy problem or to develop effective policy solutions; change in direction or withdrawal of policy; increased attention paid to issue by policymakers. [...] Policy context For the reader to act on the policy brief, the brief needs to be useful, and relevant to what is on the policy agenda. [...] Structure Item Description Title Keep it short and snappy Summary Pull out the 3-5 most important points of the brief Introduction and policy Short statement of the problem/question the brief is answering, context link to a policy need and landscape Key research finding List the key findings from the evidence that link to the policy issue Develop recommendations based on the evidence and policy Po. [...] Written evidence The public is invited to respond to the call for evidence and terms of reference in the form of written evidence/submission. [...] Report The Committee produces a report setting out what they have learned from the written and oral evidence gathered during the inquiry and the recommendations they have for the government.


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