cover image: P a c N e t 22 P A C I F I C F OR U M · H ON OLU LU , H I A pr i l 1 1, 20 24


P a c N e t 22 P A C I F I C F OR U M · H ON OLU LU , H I A pr i l 1 1, 20 24

12 Apr 2024

The first BY JOHN HEMMINGS trilateral, the US-Japan-ROK trilateral was John Hemmings ( is Senior established in 1994 to deal with the North Korean Associate Director at the Pacific Forum and a nuclear crisis (with the convening power of the Pacific Professor at the Daniel K. [...] It threatens the sovereignty of Brunei, AUKUS (Australia-UK-US), the Trilateral Strategic Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines— Dialogue (US-Japan-Australia), the US-Japan-UK and this is all before we get to the very real threat it naval trilateral, and the US-Japan-South Korea poses to the democracy of Taiwan. [...] new grouping to an already-rich group of minilaterals While the US is often a critical node, acting as ally to raises a question on the future of the region’s security two other partners in the minilateral, the credible architecture. [...] Despite the as co-development of critical defense technologies, or burgeoning success of this approach, there are at least the enhancement of joint war fighting—but these are three long term issues that should be a factor of slow in the making and occur below the hood, as it discussion among the three leaders this week. [...] And in all of this, while the United States has However, NATO’s historic success in preserving remained the primary architect of the San Francisco peace on the European continent has meant various System, it is also clear that others—Australia, South smaller approaches towards multilateral security in Korea, the Philippines, and Japan—need to think the Indo-Pacific have blossomed instead, particul.


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