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Governance and Risk Management Forum 2024

17 Apr 2024

Mary Mulhearn, Head of Risk and Resilience, Great Western Water 12:45pm – 1:45pm Lunch 1:45pm – 2:30pm COSECS PANEL - Assurance of governance in times of change • Bringing clarity to minutes and reporting • Conveying the progress of ongoing change to boards alongside BAU • Keeping track of regulatory and compliance elements in transformation plans • Resourcing the expanding remit of the modern com. [...] • What about your current value drives directions for change • The dimensions of foresight - organisational, market and societal • Embedding governance in the planning and implementation. [...] 12:35pm – 1:35pm Lunch Register at me of event 1:35pm – 2:25pm FOCUS SESSION: People and change – a risk view • The people factor in change management • How existing culture influences the attitudes to change • Assessing the stakeholder universe and unpacking the impact risks • Identifying the risk to roles, resources, capability and skilling • Communicating change. [...] 2:25pm – 3:15pm FOCUS SESSION: Assessing the scope of non-financial risk during change and transformation • Shifting the focus from a solely financial risk lens to a non-financial risk consideration • Risks posed by AI and intelligence driven and digitized operational models, regulatory requirements and compliance, and customer engagement and reputational risk • Principles for defining NFRs and th. [...] 3:15pm – 4:05pm PANEL SESSION: Navigating emerging risks during organisational change • Tools for identifying emerging risks and their implications for change plans • Economic, technology, regulatory, ESG • Understanding all contexts of proposed change to determine the potential impact of emerging risks.


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