cover image: POLIICY  BRIIEF - Unlocking the Potential of Copyright Limitations and Exceptions (L&Es) ABSTRACT


POLIICY BRIIEF - Unlocking the Potential of Copyright Limitations and Exceptions (L&Es) ABSTRACT

17 Apr 2024

Since co- are significantly reduced rather than increased through pyrights restrict access to knowledge (see below), an the creation of information monopolies.3 The stronger the important dimension of securing copyright’s goals is to scope of copyright protection and the longer the dura- ensure effective public access and use of the knowledge tion of protection, the costlier access to information. [...] To do so, copyright law requires (and should promote) a robust public domain to Taking that into account, this section will address some support access to knowledge/information and contribute ways in which copyright L&Es promote development and to the formation of human capital and the development of the fulfilment of the SDGs, both directly and indirectly. [...] Innovation, industrialisation and sustainable economic With regards to copyrights and its relation to develop- growth: the case of computer software and AI development ment, while the view of supporters of strong copyright via copyright L&Es laws is that exclusive rights alone facilitate creativity and innovation or the continued production of knowledge, Key to SDG8 is the promotion of “sustained. [...] to the health status of a country than its Gross National Lack of quality education reduces the capacity to earn and Product and this is also the case in developed countries thus, increases the risk of hunger.50 Access to education where higher levels of education have been linked to lo- for the poor and other disadvantaged groups is necessary wer morbidity and mortality rates.62 to achieve food s. [...] The world is in an era where global and of human knowledge and access to that knowledge domestic economies are greatly influenced by access can lead to human capital development which directly to and use of knowledge.70 This in turn affects the affects economic development (SDG8).78 To ensure wealth of individuals and nations and can account for that people can access, engage with, and use the lar.
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