cover image: Building Resilience for Health Emergencies, Pandemics and One


Building Resilience for Health Emergencies, Pandemics and One

9 Apr 2024

This includes increasing the resilience of health systems with Universal Health Coverage and primary health care, and equitable access to affordable and effective vaccines, therapeutics, diagnostics, and other health technologies, with a more coordinated approach to their production and distribution. [...] There is much expectation that a new WHO pandemic instrument and amended International Health Regulations can provide solutions to address inequities in the capacities for countries to prevent, prepare for and respond to health emergencies and pandemics, and to ensure more equitable access to pandemic response products. [...] Objective: The purpose of the meeting will be to exchange ideas and identify concrete actions that the G20 may take reduce multiple inequalities, in areas such as: 1- regional production and innovation relevant to the regional disease burden, with focus on infectious diseases 2- capacities for pandemic preparedness, prevention and response to health emergencies and pandemics 3- tackling antimicrob. [...] Lucia Rizka Andalucia, Director General for Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices, Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia Ministry of Health of the Republic of South Africa (TBC) Ms. [...] It undertakes policy-oriented research, technical advice and capacity building in support of countries and institutions of the South on various negotiating processes and on issues relevant to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.


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