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Organizational Transformation - Driving Sustainable Change

27 Mar 2024

We’ll explore critical In-person and virtual success factors, leadership requirements, and how to leverage your team’s talents to build a strong and sustainable future. [...] Learning Objectives Registration For information on registration, ■ Explore your organization’s internal and external landscapes to better appreciate the payment and discounts: context for transformation call toll-free: 1-888-858-7838 e-mail: or visit our ■ Learn how to align stakeholders with your organization’s greater purpose and how to FAQ page. [...] use systems thinking and action learning to design for the future To register for a program visit our ■ Discover new pillars of organizational success, visibility and sustainability through registration page strategic, structural, cultural, process and people interventions ■ Acquire tools to effectively lead change, using an organizational transformation toolkit Who Should Attend Internal and exte. [...] An iterative and interactive approach, Action Learning leverages the knowledge, know how and wisdom across the organization in order to increase engagement and reduce resistance to change. [...] You’ll use a proven integrated learning and development system to learn how to engage stakeholders for optimal results, and how to connect internal systems in a synergistic, aligned and connected way.


Maeve McLatchie

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