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CHAPTER 1: - Research and Development

14 Apr 2024

Generally, the complexity trend has been especially pronounced in the last of the model and the size of the training dataset five years. [...] This research in Figure 1.3.10, in statistical terms, as the number underscores the continued importance of human- of synthetic generations increases, the tails of the generated data for training capable LLMs that can distributions vanish, and the generation density 7 produce a diverse array of content.shifts toward the mean. [...] Updates: The source list of scholarly literature for The AI Index reached out to the organizers of various CSET’s merged corpus has been changed from prior AI conferences in 2023 and asked them to provide years, with the inclusion of OpenAlex, the Lens, information on total attendance. [...] following the methodologies of Gonzalez, Zimmerman, and Nagappan, 2020, and Dohmke, Iansiti, and For the selected ML models, the training time and Richards, 2023, using topic labels related to AI/ML the type, quantity, and utilization rate of the training and generative AI, respectively, along with the topics hardware were determined from the publication, “machine learning,” “deep learning,” or “a. [...] 11 The chosen rental cost rate was the most recent published price for the hardware and cloud vendor used by the developer of the model, at a three-year commitment rental rate, after subtracting the training duration and two months from the publication date.
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