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CHAPTER 5: - Science and Medicine

14 Apr 2024

The chapter also examines medical AI system performance, important 2023 AI-driven medical innovations like SynthSR and ImmunoSEIRA, and trends in the approval of FDA AI-related medical devices. [...] This section highlights significant AI-related medical systems introduced in 2023, the current state of clinical AI knowledge, and the development of new AI diagnostic tools and models aimed at enhancing hospital administration. [...] The researchers achieved remarkable accuracy, annotating a median of 99.07% Figure 5.2.9 of protein-coding genes, 99.42% of protein-coding This latest version of the genome represents the most transcripts, 98.16% of noncoding genes, and 98.96% comprehensive and genetically diverse mapping of the of noncoding transcripts, as detailed in Figure 5.2.10. [...] Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Figure 5.2.20 illustrates the number of AI medical maintains a list of AI/ML-enabled medical devices devices approved by the FDA over the past decade. [...] Chapter 5 Preview 26 Number of AI medical devices Artificial Intelligence Chapter 5: Science and Medicine Index Report 2024 5.2 AI in Medicine Figure 5.2.21 illustrates the specialties associated with FDA-approved medical devices.
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