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CHAPTER 7: - Policy and Governance

14 Apr 2024

It mandates the creation of a national security memorandum to guide the safe and ethical application of AI in military and intelligence operations, ensuring the protection of Source: AP, 2023 Americans’ privacy and the cultivation of an open, competitive Figure 7.1.13 AI market that emphasizes U. [...] Furthermore, the number of agencies regulations? In 2023, the Executive Office of the issuing AI regulations increased from 17 in 2022 to 21 in President and the Commerce Department led with 2023, indicating a growing need for clarity and concern five AI-related regulations each, followed by the regarding AI among a broader array of American Health and Human Services Department and the regulatory. [...] Global Legislation Records Global AI Mentions on AI For mentions of AI in AI-related legislative proceedings For AI-related bills passed into laws, the AI Index around the world, the AI Index performed searches of performed searches of the keyword “artificial the keyword “artificial intelligence” on the websites intelligence” on the websites of 128 countries’ of 82 countries’ congresses or parliam. [...] Hence, the counts included in the analysis only searched mentions of “artificial intelligence” in the only public document released from the Congress meetings, the Report on the Work of the Government, delivered by the premier. [...] For AI R&D was taken from previous editions of the the subject matter categories, the Index employed the AI Index (namely the 2021 and 2022 versions) and Congress policy typology.
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