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CHAPTER 4: Economy

14 Apr 2024

As noted earlier, the decrease in AI job postings decrease in the proportion of AI job postings in 2023 was related to changes in the hiring patterns of several compared to 2022, except for public administration major U. [...] AI Labor Demand by State Number of AI job postings in the United States by state, 2023 Source: Lightcast, 2023 | Chart: 2024 AI Index report Figure 4.2.7 highlights the number of AI job postings in the United AK ME 1,309 2,125 States by state. [...] The aim of this indicator is to measure the belong to the AI skill group, the penetration of AI skills intensity of AI skills in an entity (such as a particular among engineers is estimated to be 8% (4/50). [...] The AI skill penetration For the period from 2015 to 2023, the countries with rate signals the prevalence of AI skills across the highest AI skill penetration rates were India (2.8), occupations or the intensity with which LinkedIn the United States (2.2), and Germany (1.9). [...] In the last decade, the number of newly funded AI companies in the United States is around 3.8 times the amount in China, and 7.6 times the amount in the United Kingdom (Figure 4.3.13).
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