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CHAPTER 6: Education

15 Apr 2024

The analysis begins with an overview of the state of postsecondary CS and AI education in the United States and Canada, based on the Computing Research Association’s annual Taulbee Survey. [...] 6.1 Postsecondary CS and AI Education United States and Canada CS Bachelor’s Graduates Over the past decade, the total number of new CS This subsection presents an analysis of data from the bachelor’s graduates in North America has steadily Computing Research Association’s Taulbee Survey, risen, increasing more than threefold, with a 7.9% which evaluates the state of CS and AI postsecondary year-o. [...] The decline is also partially attributable to of international students among CS bachelor’s international travel restrictions that were imposed graduates in American and Canadian universities during the COVID-19 pandemic, affecting the ability declined, falling from 16.3% in 2021 to 15.2% in of international students to study in the United States 2022 (Figure 6.1.2). [...] The in computing research: academic departments staff at also maintains a database of the state of computer science and computer engineering; of American K–12 education and, in this policy primer, laboratories and centers in industry, government, and provides a greater amount of detail on the state of academia; and affiliated professional societies (AAAI, American K–12 education in each s. [...] Europe and published on the Informatics Europe The data covers the degrees delivered by both Higher Education Data Portal, which is updated with traditional Research Universities (RU) and University of the most recent data at the end of the year (typically Applied Science (UAS) for the countries where these in December).
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