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CHAPTER 8: Diversity

14 Apr 2024

The AI Index advises against making per capita comparisons between the CRA North American data and the data on European CS graduates detailed in the subsequent sections due to the European data being collected from national statistical offices, which affords it broader coverage. [...] Chapter 8 Preview 5 New CS bachelor’s graduates (% of total) Artificial Intelligence Chapter 8: Diversity Index Report 2024 8.1 AI Postsecondary Education Ethnicity of new resident CS bachelor’s graduates in the United States and Canada, 2011–22 Source: CRA Taulbee Survey, 2023 | Chart: 2024 AI Index report 10,970. [...] However, in nations such as the United Graduates Kingdom, Germany, and Switzerland, the gender In the majority of surveyed European nations, there gap has narrowed over the last decade, with women is a persistent gender disparity among bachelor’s- constituting a growing share of PhD graduates (Figure level graduates in informatics, computer science, 8.1.17).4 In contrast, countries like Finland an. [...] The recent drop in WiML workshop attendance Figure 8.2.1 may be linked to the overall decrease in NeurIPS Attendance at NeurIPS Women in Machine Learning attendance, which could be attributed to the shift workshop (% of total), 2010–23 Source: Women in Machine Learning, 2023 | Chart: 2024 AI Index report away from a purely virtual format.5 As a share of total conference attendance, the 2023 WiML w. [...] Computing Research Association (CRA Taulbee Survey) To learn more about the diversity data from the CRA, please read the methodological note on the CRA’s data included in the Chapter 6 subsection of the Appendix.
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