cover image: POLICY BR I EF - Migration is Driving Support For the Radical Right,


POLICY BR I EF - Migration is Driving Support For the Radical Right,

18 Apr 2024

Looking at demographic in the composition of voters in remaining communities, trends and voting patterns over a 16-year period, IPL and 2) a shift in the political leanings of those voters researchers found that the departure of people from their in response to the negative effects of local population communities of origin contributed to a rise in support for decline. [...] In 2022 they Migration Rate and The Share of won just 30% of the vote, down from the over 40% Votes For Radical Right Parties share they held from the 1940s through the late 1980s. [...] Meanwhile, the Sweden Democrats (SD), a once-fringe radical right party founded on a nationalist and anti- 50 immigrant platform in the 1980s, has experienced dramatic gains in popularity over the past few years, and 40 today are a coalition partner in the Swedish government. [...] Scatter plot and fitted linear regressions of the county-average annual net-migration rate between 2000 and 2016 and the vote share of radical right parties in elections during the mid 2010s. [...] (Getty Images) these negative impacts and support for the Sweden 4 Migration is Driving Support For the Radical Right, But Not in the Way People Think Stanford | ETH Zurich These material declines are compounded by a perceived What are the implications for politicians and party loss of status as communities watch members leave for officials who want to avoid losing more ground to urban destination.
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