cover image: Plan of Action - Note: subject to annual review and updates


Plan of Action - Note: subject to annual review and updates

16 Apr 2024

The World Energy Transitions Outlook envisages key topics that form the foundations for a way forward to Net Zero: Building the necessary infrastructure and investing at scale in grids, Advancing an evolved policy and regulatory architecture that can facilitate targeted investments and derisking supply chain; and strategically realigning institutional capacities to help ensure that skills and capa. [...] 3 es To solve the main challenges in grid and clean power build-out, action in the coming years will focus on three of the four pillars, as prioritized by UNEZA members. [...] Framing the priorities of the UNEZA members, the ‘Global Infrastructure Program’ strategy was developed, framing the key priorities around infrastructure upgrades and the actions of UNEZA for the coming years. [...] deployment in the University on a three-year Supported by De-risk Supply chain Global South programme seeking to Members and identify barriers to clean Partners energy deployment in the Global South from the developer's perspective (both locally and internationally), with a view to pinpointing specific actions and mitigations to be adopted. [...] Mobilize capital Facilitate Assess the current state of power grid Strategic grid investments to infrastructure and develop a strategic analysis investment analysis ensure grid’s on investment gaps and recommendations for availability promoting investments aimed at enhancing grid reliability, resilience and availability – focusing on addressing MDBs and their limited investment in grids.



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