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The Canadian patient safety dictionary

14 Oct 2003

Now, with the support of The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, under the Project Management of Ms Pierrette Leonard, with the research assistance of Librarian Ms Cecile Farnum, and with the sponsorship of Health Canada, we have produced a Canadian Patient Safety Dictionary. [...] In addition, because of the very nature of this work and its reliance on specific aspects of the language and the meaning of words, the authors believe it would be inappropriate to offer a French translation of the terms in the English Dictionary. [...] Additionally, to provide examples from the literature and to highlight the complexity of many of the terms and the exis- tence of differences in usage, literature searches were carried out using many of the major medical databas- es (MEDLINE, PubMed). [...] The more steps in a process and the greater their interdependence, the greater the complexity of the process. [...] The arrangement of the details of a part; the manner of formation of a part.
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