cover image: Speaking up for change  - Children’s and s caregivers’ voice


Speaking up for change - Children’s and s caregivers’ voice

25 Mar 2024

In the next section, the methodology of the study is presented, along with the limitations of the methods chosen. [...] The coding led to the identification of key themes that were compared to the findings of the literature review and survey outcomes. [...] The findings from the caregiver perspectives were compared and integrated with the data obtained from the children in order to provide a comprehensive overview of the caregiving landscape. [...] First, the Scientific and Ethical Review Board (VCWE) of the Faculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (the Netherlands) reviewed the VOICE research methodology and determined that the methodology complied with the ethical guidelines of the faculty. [...] 24 Children note the many benefits of the internet, such as communication, entertainment, and education One of the primary objectives of the VOICE project was to understand the perspectives of both children and caregivers regarding online safety, as this is an important first step in understanding what they need in order to be safer online.
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