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21 Mar 2024

He served in the 15th Independent Garrison in North Sumatra in 1943 with the 57th independent infantry battalion and was stationed in Aceh as the commander of the 1st Company of the Volunteer Army with the 25th Army Headquarters when the war ended in defeat. [...] He then moved to Cimahi in Bandung in western Java and was digging holes in the mountains in the 27th Independent Mixed Brigade Artillery when the war ended in defeat. [...] Later, after serving in the Kempei Training Corps of the Southern Expeditionary Army Group in Kuala Lumpur, he was sent to Kutaraja, the capital of Aceh Province, as a corporal in the 25th Army Kempei, and was studying at the Kempeitai headquarters in Bukittinggi as a Malay language specialist when the war ended in defeat. [...] He joined the 5th Infantry Regiment of the Imperial Guards and was in Sumatra after serving in Manchuria and the southern front when the war ended in defeat. [...] After enlisting in the Imperial Guards Cavalry Regiment, he was transferred to the Accounting Department and went to Aceh in Sumatra, and was in the merchant port of Meulaboh on the west coast of Sumatra when the war ended in defeat.
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