Japan Institute of International Affairs


Japan Institute of International Affairs

Type Research Center
Website jiia-jic.jp
Wikipedia Wikipedia
Year founded 1959
Headquarters Tokyo Japan Japan
Functions Research
Tags foreign affairs
Summary The Japan Institute of International Affairs (JIIA), founded in 1959, is a private, nonpartisan policy think-tank focused on foreign affairs and security issues. In addition to a wide range of research projects, the institute promotes dialogues and joint studies with other institutions and experts at home and abroad, examines Japanese foreign policy and makes proposals to the government, and disseminates information on international relations to the public. The institute, together with a large network of affiliated scholars, aims to serve as an indispensable resource on international affairs in a complex world.

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JIIA · 18 October 2021 English

The of inflamed memories”.5 unprincipled behavior of some elements of the French forces, the use of torture and rape of In that context, the objective of this paper is prisoners …

JIIA · 8 September 2021 English

The southern half of the island was under the command of the Mori Unit, that is, the 143rd Fortress Infantry Unit, with the headquarters, 3rd Company, 4th Company, and 5th …

JIIA · 18 August 2021 English

The article reported that the French original of the Convention between Ryukyu and France bearing the seal of the Ryukyu Kingdom had been discovered in the 2 The Japan Institute …

JIIA · 5 August 2021 Korean

(3) 이 2 장의 항공도에는 울릉도와 다케시마 사이에 한국과 일본의 국경선이 그어져 있으므로 다케시마가 일본 영토로 기재되어 있음을 확인할 수 있다. [...] (5) 샌프란시스코 평화조약의 조선 포기 조항*3)에서는 포기 대상 …

JIIA · 20 July 2021 English

July 2014, Editorial Department, Sakuranohana Shuppan Publications vii The last word: Interviews with a former civil servant at the Government-General of Korea Chapter 1 A Civil Servant in the Government-General …

JIIA · 10 June 2021 English

We look at largely the projection of military assets over the course of the past decade, and you’ll find that, on the whole, the number of ships, say for example …

JIIA · 14 May 2021 English

Niquet government continues to control and administer the territory by such means as patrolling and law enforcement,” it seeks to answer the permanent pressure that China exerts in the zone.2 …

JIIA · 10 May 2021 English

Rise of the Chinese influence and involvement in the Pacific Islands became noteworthy during the decade of the 2000s, following the previous phase [1980s and 1990s], when Japan was, in …

JIIA · 10 May 2021 English

In this regard, the South Korean government has claimed that “East Sea” has been used for 2000 years and should be used instead of “Sea of Japan.” The basis for …

JIIA · 10 May 2021 English

Challenges Therefore, in addition to strengthening its defense of the southwestern region and boosting the Self-Defense Forces’ presence in the South China Sea and Indian Ocean, Japan is also responding …

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