22 Apr 2024

2 The country has the potential to elevate its export of goods from the current approximate level of USD 450 billion to an impressive USD 1 trillion by 2030, positioning itself as a major manufacturing hub. [...] The desire to seize the opportunity presented by E-commerce has played a pivotal role in driving regulatory reforms in India by promoting digitization, transparency, and operational efficiency within the business landscape. [...] The growth of e-commerce platforms has spurred the Indian government to implement policies and regulations that address emerging challenges and opportunities in the digital economy. [...] In other words, India should overcome its shyness to engage in plurilateral negotiations on e-commerce, trade and climate change, and investment facilitation in WTO. [...] It is in India’s interest to actively seek international consensus on rules and disciplines on emerging issues of international economic relevance, such as the resilience of GVCs, digitization and e-commerce, as well as predictability and shared understanding about trade related climate measures in an era of proliferating unilateral measures to prevent carbon leakage and maintain competitiveness d.


Rajesh Aggarwal

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