cover image: Policy Brief - From the Alliance of Sahel States to the Confederation


Policy Brief - From the Alliance of Sahel States to the Confederation

24 Apr 2024

In the same vein, a press release from the Burkina Faso presidency stated that “the experts discussed subjects of common interest to the peoples of the three states and drew up a draft treaty on the creation of a Confederation uniting the three countries; they also formulated proposals for the institutional architecture of the Alliance of Sahel States, which should enable it to function effectivel. [...] ECOWAS (the Economic Community of West African States), the commu-nity to which the three countries belong, is already showing a certain animosity insofar as it considers the seizures of power by the new regimes to be unconstitutional; • Economic: Mali, Niger, and Burkina Faso must settle the question of integrating the economies of the three states and create a closer economic union, by harmonizi. [...] Such a union would underpin stability in the region, by coordinating efforts to combat terrorism and facilitating the peaceful resolution of cross-border conflicts; • Cultural exchanges: a regional union could promote cultural exchanges and strengthen social ties between the populations of the three countries, thus fostering a sense of unity and solidarity, and reinforcing the soft power of the th. [...] To bring the confederation project to fruition, the leaders of these countries must: • Avoid rushing into the implementation of this project, and take the time to put in place the conditions for its realization; • Rally the population behind their ambitions to ensure a solid base and foundation. [...] About the Policy Center for the New South The Policy Center for the New South (PCNS) is a Moroccan think tank aiming to contribute to the improvement of economic and social public policies that challenge Morocco and the rest of Africa as integral parts of the global South.
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