cover image: Yongah Hill Immigration Detention Centre Inspection Report A P R


Yongah Hill Immigration Detention Centre Inspection Report A P R

10 Apr 2024

The immediate impact can be seen in the initial release of 27 people from the YHIDC in November 2023, but the full impact of the decision on individuals, the immigration detention network, and the wider Australian community is still uncertain. [...] commented in 2016 that it was ‘apparent… that the This increase has been largely due to legislative number of persons subject to cancellation under amendments that broadened the scope of s 501 of s 501 was underestimated prior to the passage of the Migration Act.23 Section 501 allows the Minister the legislation’.26 or their delegate to refuse or cancel a visa on the basis that a person does not p. [...] people in detention spoke to the Commission about the aftermath of the fatal stabbing in 2022, with The nearest hospital to the centre is the Northam direct accounts suggesting that the ambulance took Hospital, which is a small country hospital with 1 to 2 hours to arrive, by which time the victim was limited capacity. [...] The Commission has long held the view that the use of During the inspection, the Commission was told by spit hoods in immigration detention and elsewhere Serco and ABF that the spit hood was seldomly used is ‘clearly a method of restraint that is degrading’ within YHIDC. [...] outweighed the benefits of their use, given they are ineffective in protecting against transmissible The spit hood approved for use within the diseases’.99 immigration detention network at the time of the inspection was the ‘The TranZport Hood’ In August 2023, the United Nations Special manufactured by The Safariland Group.107 This Rapporteur on Torture made the case for the device was the same on.
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