cover image: Business Leaders Guide to Climate Adaptation and Resilience


Business Leaders Guide to Climate Adaptation and Resilience

12 Apr 2024

Call to action for business leaders The Business Leaders Guide to Climate Adaptation and Resilience sets out the urgent case for companies to increase action and investment on adaptation and resilience within and beyond the Climate adaptation action from business value chain. [...] Pihcysicsal risks Many of our planned and ongoing activities fall under the understand the intertwining relationships of people, biodiversity, rubric of Nature Based Solutions (NbS) – actions to protect, climate, water, and the economy as factors interconnected and assess, mitigate and adapt to the physical risks of climate emerge at different times and with different levels of severity change. [...] Adaptation planning Adaptation planning helps an organization understand the actions and investments needed to manage physical risks and opportunities Definition and pillars Adaptation planning uses Adaptation plans are a key tool for building business Adaptation plan resilience and managing climate-related risks and An actionable plan to navigate the uncertainty of emerging climate impacts by cha. [...] Align portfolio with adaptation strategy → Define the vision and goals for climate adaptation and resilience in your business and align with business strategy to enable proactive action 66 BUSINESS LEADERS GUIDE TO CLIMATE ADAPTATION AND RESILIENCE 03. [...] Maladaptation – Actions that may lead to increased Adaptive capacity – The ability of systems, institutions, risk of adverse climate-related outcomes, including via Risk – In the context of climate impacts, the term is often humans and other organisms to adjust to potential increased vulnerability to climate change, diminished used to refer to the potential for adverse consequences damage, to take.
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