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28 Sep 2015

While observing a fraction of the circle throughout the While on first observation it looks as if the number of HSes study, and bearing in mind that an HS publishes to two has high variance from day to day, one must bear in mind random points on the DHT circle each day, one would that only a small proportion of the DHT is being observed expect to see a long-lived HS publish again and again to and [...] The answer is often yes, provided he the descriptor; hence, it is possible for some sites to be has enough visibility of traffic entering the Tor network underrepresented in the data if they are largely accessed to correlate the number of messages, the rate and time at through Tor2Web. [...] Aggregating the first two figures, can control the relay in the DHT and send a specific pattern one can say that two-thirds of sites were not connected by back to the user and try to identify it leaving the network. [...] The attacker will be able to identify the service visited and the user but not what the user does on the site, because the DEANONYMIZATION OF TOR USERS content is encrypted end-to-end between the two parties. [...] While an observer cannot see where traffic is routed in In the case of the service, the attacker can simply connect to the Tor network, he can treat the network as a black box the HS and send a pattern, and again attempt to identify it and observe traffic entering and leaving it.
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Owen, Gareth, Savage, Nick

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Ottawa, Ontario

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