Scope Ratings: Council of Europe Development Bank


Scope Ratings: Council of Europe Development Bank

12 Apr 2024

The bank has made important contributions to shouldering the costs of the war in Ukraine and is set to participate in the reconstruction of the country’s social infrastructure. [...] The bank alignment with Paris Agreement assesses the environmental impact of the projects it finances to determine their degree of alignment with the Paris Agreement throughout the project cycle and by carrying out annual reviews of its investments and activities. [...] The CEB is expected to continue playing a critical role in the European response, both in terms of crisis management and the reconstruction of social infrastructure, in line with the Council of Europe’s Revised Action Plan for Ukraine for 2023-26. [...] In addition, following the 1992 resolution of Yugoslavia, the bank was able to fully recover the debt it was owed, thus demonstrating the de facto PCS granted to the CEB by the international financial community. [...] Additionally, the bank monitors potential changes in the economic value in equity and the net interest income, the interest rate and credit spread sensitivities of the Treasury Security Portfolios, and repricing gaps.
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