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Civil Society Week - Next Steps for Democracy

10 Apr 2024

Civil Society Week - Next steps for Democracy European Economic and Social Committee Civil Society Week 4–7 March 2024 Next Steps for Democracy Civil Society Week On 4-7 March, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) brought together more than 800 participants of all ages and backgrounds from civil society for a vibrant debate on the upcoming 2024 European elections and Europe’s future. [...] SUPPORT CIVIL SOCIETY – the path forward to ensuring a secure area against internal and external threats is a comprehensive civil society strategy that includes measures for a better overall operating environment for civil society organisations (CSOs), protection mechanism for civil society actors within the EU, an increase in the amount and accessibility of funding for civil society actors, a pro. [...] CITIZENS IN THE DRIVER’S SEAT – A possible combination of European Citizens´ Initiatives and European Citizens Assemblies might be beneficial too, and – if strongly linked to the political system and having a visible impact on policy – it could strengthen the idea of a citizen-driven EU democracy. [...] 4 An economy that works for people OUR PLANET HAS LIMITS – civil society agrees that it is time to shift away from growth-centric economic models and to give more weight to well-being and prosperity within the planetary boundaries, considering the impact of the ongoing transition on people and businesses. [...] ACCESS TO WATER AS A HUMAN RIGHT – a sustainable and inclusive economy includes the integration of sustainable water management in all EU policy programmes, and the prioritisation of the robust governance of freshwater resources via an EU Blue Deal as a strategic political priority.


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