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10 Apr 2024

Debating the Political Impact of the European Citizens’ Initiative The opening session underscored the ongoing debate regarding the political impact of ECIs. [...] One of the primary discussions centered around the recognition of successful ECIs and the imperative to fortify the structural role of the European Parliament (EP) within the ECI framework. [...] Pascal Learadini, Deputy Secretary General, Secretariat-General of the European Commission (EC) took the opportunity to underscore that the Commission’s proposal for sustainable use of pesticides as demanded by the ECI ‘Save the Bees’ was rejected by the EP, highlighting that all institutions have a role to play in the ECI follow-up process. [...] Carsten Berg, The ECI Campaign, further explained the implications of such a case, emphasizing the importance of ensuring the effective implementation of successful ECIs to uphold democratic integrity and maintain citizens' trust in the EU's decision-making processes. [...] Overall, the session provided a comprehensive examination of the challenges and opportunities facing the ECI, underscoring the importance of continued efforts to strengthen its role as a vital instrument of participatory democracy in the European Union.


Daniela Vancic

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