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Ontario, a leader in learning : Ontario, chef de file en éducation

3 Feb 2005

You understand the importance of higher education to students, to the economy, to Ontario society – and to the nation at large. [...] A commitment to change by the province, the Canadian government, students, faculty, the private sector and the wider public would send a clear signal that Ontario is a place that values higher education, research and innovation and wants to be a leader in North America and the world. [...] It would be wise to have such a council here in Ontario, and to have it report directly to the Premier, in order to emphasize its centrality in the life of the province. [...] Design and Accountability With respect to the design of the system, my recommendations reflect the need to reconcile three objectives: institutional independence and diversity, the need for greater co-ordination and clearer pathways for students, and accountability to the public to ensure that money is being spent wisely. [...] The high drop-out rate of students, and the province’s response – and colleges an announced policy to continue education to the age of 18 – should inspire a renewed mandate for the colleges.
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