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22 Mar 2024

and police constables trying to break up the strike (R) This is precisely why it was surprising that As the union rep and workers waited to speak Fraazo sent a legal head from their Mumbai with the ACP, the Fraazo legal head went into head office to deal with the workers as early as his chambers and falsely accused the peacefully the second day of the strike. [...] The store they were willing to give the company some managers and the delivery workers furnished time to respond to their demands, but would the details necessary for the calculation. [...] Aghast at the proceedings of the that with the current fuel prices, the average meeting, the legal head told the SI that their worker would make close to nothing and startup was bootstrapped and could not afford to requested the legal head to arrive at a mutually go back on the new policy. [...] We would like a copy of this letter to be sent to the state labour minister, the principal secretary for labour, and the chief minister of UP.” Img 9: The Fraazo workers submitting their complaints to the Deputy Labour Commissioner, Gautam Budh Nagar, 2 July 2022 (L) demanding a restoration of their old payout system (R) Field Notes from the Fraazo Delivery Workers Strike in Noida, Greater Noida,. [...] It is the profit enjoyed by the capitalist class of the technology sector, which, on one hand, has made big technology company owners the richest people in the world, and on the other hand, exploited and violated all freedoms of the gig workers it employs.
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