CEB Trust Funds for Social Impact Highlights 2023


CEB Trust Funds for Social Impact Highlights 2023

15 Apr 2024

A mere 15 kilometres from the Russian border, Slatine was occupied by Russian forces the Migrant and Refugee Fund and the Ukraine during the early days of the war. [...] She applied to the Regional Housing of implementation, the RHP provided housing Programme (RHP) after one of her neighbours, who like Mira is a single to 36 000 highly vulnerable people who had mother, received a house through the Programme. [...] support from the EU, the Programme’s Mira now also grows vegetables and raises piglets on her land, which she then sells to supplement her income as a janitor at the town’s school. [...] This initiative would serve the whole village and illustrates the wide-ranging benefits of the RHP. [...] The CEB uses the resources of the Social Dividend Account, a trust fund financed by the Bank’s own earnings, as collateral for its loans to Horizonti, which otherwise would not have been eligible for its lending.
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