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Dear University Presidents:

3 May 2024

In this time of heightened and rising tension, we urge you to take every necessary step to facilitate freedom of expression and assembly on your campuses and safeguard the fundamental freedoms of university students, faculty, and staff. [...] The freedoms of expression, assembly, and conscience enshrined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms 10F are reflected in the values of academic freedom promoted and cherished by institutions of higher education across Canada and, indeed, the world. [...] In times like the present, when experts and the International Court of Justice alike have identified Israel’s actions in Gaza as a plausible genocide, emotions run high and stated commitments to the fundamental freedoms of expression, inquiry, and assembly are sorely tested by popular and political pressure. [...] 2 counterprotest activities; and resistance to the conflation of antisemitism and political critique of Israel’s actions and policies. [...] Indeed, this conflation constitutes anti-Palestinian racism and is part of the ongoing and targeted silencing of Palestinians and allied voices in support of Palestinians.21F It is essential to recognize that the student encampments, like the Palestinian liberation movement more broadly, include strong representation of marginalized and racialized groups, including Palestinians, Arabs, other peopl.


Safiyya Ahmad

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